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Workplace Covid 19 Lateral Flow Testing Solution

Providing Workplace Covid 19 Lateral Flow Testing Solutions


Our trained medical teams at SGC Medical Services have been delivering work-based testing solutions across the UK for many years testing workforces for alcohol and drugs helping keep the workplace safe for all employees.

Over the past 10 months during the current Covid pandemic SGC Medical Services has extended its services to include Workplace Solutions for testing for the presence of SARS COV2 (Covid-19) across the UK.

We carry out the Lateral Flow Test and PCR test onsite in the workplace where the test will measure the RNA quantity which is the indicator for the presence of a SARS Virus (Covid-19)

We use an app-based track and trace system called V-Passport that will alert the employee of the outcome of the test within 15 minutes and let them know if they are safe to enter the workplace.

This approach will create a culture in the workplace that it is safe to come to work, as they will be in a safe work bubble.

You can find further details via our presentation below