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We offer a full range of security & business support services

Security Services for any Business

Since 2006 we have been a premier provider of security services across the country. We have worked within most sectors making sure that assets, staff, and property are protected at all times and have worked tirelessly to achieve and surpass expectations set upon us by our clients. Whether you need to secure a vacant property, require a security guard, or need to get security personnel for your events we will be able to advise and provide you with exactly what you need.

We have plenty of case studies that you can view on this page, they should give you more confidence when it comes to selecting our security services. We have trained tirelessly throughout the years in order to make sure that every single member of our team can fulfil the needs of any business. All of our security personnel are fully vetted and have the experience to prove their skill in delivering high-quality security to just about anything.

Security Services for Events

There are hundreds of events hosted all over the UK and there are sometimes security risks that will need to be addressed when undertaking larger and more prestigious events. We are able to handle crowds of any size and can make sure that any chance of accidents is minimised to a negligible percentage. Event safety is one of the most important considerations any organisation should have when setting up its event. When large crowds are gathered, security risks present themselves almost instantly, and you need personnel who can take responsibility for the safety of the event.

NHS Security and Support Services

In our long history of providing security services, we have worked with the NHS on many occasions. Providing surveillance, security personnel and training for the staff in order to make sure that any safety risks are minimised. This is extremely important when it comes to hospitals and clinics as there are often vulnerable people around and you want everyone to feel safe. We are dedicated to protecting all staff, assets, and the venue to make sure no damage comes to it and we will always give you the highest quality of security possible.

You can look at our NHS Foundation Trust case study to understand previous work that we have done in the industry before you decide to book our services. The page covers everything in detail so you will be able to get a clear understanding of our expertise and what we do as a business when it comes to dealing with enquiries from within the NHS.

Top of the line Security Guards and Services

One of the security services we most commonly provide are security guards. Every single guard we hire goes through an extensive training period to make sure that they are up to standard and fully vetted before going on any job. We pride ourselves on having the most incredible security guards in the industry and we have a few members of staff who have been here since the inception of the business. They provide every new employee with all of the information and etiquette they will need to work within any industry providing security services all around.

You can check out our security guards page in order to find out more information about what they provide and also links to specific locations in the UK so wherever you are you can always be sure to have security guards ready and waiting to fulfil your security needs. If you need us to travel elsewhere we are also capable of arranging this as we understand that security services are important regardless of location.

Loss Prevention

In order to protect profit and margin in a highly competitive industry, grocery and convenience store owners and operators require targeted and vigilant loss prevention programs which effectively reduce shrink, maintain margin and improve profitability.

SGC Security Services is the leader in providing grocers and convenience stores with nationwide Loss Prevention solutions focusing on the key areas of profitability.

  • Reducing Food Costs and Loss
  • Preventing and Resolving Theft
  • Controlling Inventory and Waste
  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance


Our solutions are built on proven methodologies that focus on the reduction of loss and the overall improvement of margin and profitability. Each client is unique in their corporate culture, needs, and expected results. We develop each program for each client, using our established best practices and those of your industry as a foundation to your specific program using a hybrid solution of technology and trained personnel.

Do More than Reduce Loss. Protect Your Profits.

  • Perishable / Non- Perishable Inventory Review
  • Exception Reporting and Analysis
  • Target Store Programs
  • Loss Prevention Consulting
  • Pharmacy Regulatory Audits
  • Theft Investigations
  • Training and Awareness Programs
  • Best Practice Audits and Store Visits
  • Customer Service Shops
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Test Purchasing

Filming on Location with Security

SGC Security Services  Close Protection Officers for the cast whilst filming on location, as an effective way of ensuring their safety, whilst making the individual feel comfortable and protected. SGC Security Services ’s Close Protection Officers are trained to be vigilant against any suspicious activities. If risks are detected, our Officers can take immediate action and prevent escalation of any threats. When filming is occurring outside the studio, celebrities are vulnerable to attacks or harassment by the press and public. Providing them with Close Protection can deter threats and add a layer of security in the case of incidents arising.

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You can email us at If you would like to go into detail regarding all of the requirements you have for security services this is the perfect method as we will reply to every single point brought up in the email. We will respond as soon as possible but we will meticulously go through and make sure that all of your enquiries are answered.

The final method you can use is to fill out the contact form below to select the type of enquiry you would like to make and provide us with all the details we need to contact you. It’s the perfect way to quickly get in touch with an enquiry and we will respond to it in detail as soon as we can.