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CCTV & Alarm

Supply & Design of Innovative Integrated CCTV & Alarm Systems.

Design & Installation

For over 20 years our clients have trusted SGC Security Services to design, supply, install, support and maintain electronic security solutions in their business premises. Whether it’s a void property or currently in use we’re always able to deliver quality surveillance for your needs.

This partnership creates more secure business environments that in turn make safer places to work.

We offer clients a choice of technologies that can be tailored to each organisation’s unique security needs and concerns, these are determined by our proven 4 step model.

Our 4-step model

For over 20 years we have developed our 4-step model that allows for a bespoke solution to be delivered that covers the following:

1. Risk Analysis 

Our risk analysis will determine your business’s unique security needs and the appropriate security solutions. This analysis will cover elements such as GDPR compliance, existing security processes and designs, SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), crisis and emergency planning, risk mitigation and reduction, workplace practices, surveying and reviewing all workplace locations.

2. Concept and Design of your CCTV & Alarm Systems

Years of experience in designing and creating security systems ensures we work closely with you to identify the security risks and any weaknesses within existing processes. This will include an on-site visit to survey the building and evaluate your current security arrangements.

We will then design an integrated security solution that tackles the priorities as highlighted by the evaluation process.

Ultimately each security system should reflect the needs of your business.

3. CCTV & Alarm Installation 

Our highly competent trained team will ensure that your works are delivered on-program and to budget.

Our focus is to also make sure that your installation causes as little disruption as possible to your business and staff. SGC Security Services in-house project management team will work with you at all stages of the installation to ensure an effective roll out.

4. Maintenance

SGC Security Services operate a 24 hour a day control room which means that someone is always available to help. In the event of site attendance being required, an Engineer’s Report will be generated and e-mailed via our digital reporting platform. This Report will detail the fault, the action taken to resolve it and if any follow-up is required.