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NHS Support Services

Protecting Patients, Staff, Visitors and Assets.

SGC Security Services are proud to support the NHS with varied support services. Part of our commitment to supplying the NHS security services was being selected to be part of the NHS SBS Framework, showing that our services have been audited and approved for use in a healthcare environment.

All our Licensed Officers working alongside our NHS colleagues receive specialist training via our online training portal. Many of these courses have been written with our NHS partners to ensure we conform to NHS standards. So you can trust us to provide your facility with the finest NHS support services.

Staff Training

We know that to provide the NHS with the best protection services available, we need to train our staff in taking on this enormous task. So we are always on top of bringing high-quality training to all of our guards and security officers.

Compulsory courses for all our staff that work at our NHS Client’s sites include:

  • Mental Health Awareness, including DoLLS
  • Dementia awareness
  • Safeguarding
  • Information Governance in a Healthcare Environment
  • Advanced Conflict Resolution
  • Advanced Physical intervention
  • Customer Service Training

Our range of services

The range of NHS support services we provide differ from Trust to Trust but include: 

  • Hospital Security covering control rooms
  • Hospital Security protecting patrols and fast bleep assistance
  • 1:1 Bedwatch services for mental health patients
  • 1:1 Bedwatch services for dementia patients
  • Reception duties
  • Patient Transfer services
  • Training of NHS staff in Conflict Management and Physical Intervention
  • Car Park Management services
  • Security Consultancy services, including 
  • Supplying on-site medical staff to provide workforce lateral flow testing and track and trace solutions

When delivering these services, we constantly liaise with Trust stakeholders such as LSMS, Executive team, Safeguarding team, Matrons and many others. This ensures our Officers are trained to the standards the Trust demand, and ultimately we aim to support the Trust in protecting its patients, staff, visitors and assets.