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SGC Security Services currently work with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as their Security Partner delivering Security to the Trusts Stakeholders, Patients, Visitors and Staff.


The trust required not only security duties for the main  hospital but also 1 to 1 bed-watch duties for mental health  and dementia patients. The main security duties are to  supplement the main Hospital Safety Team carrying out  Patrols and fast bleep incident response to incidents across  the Trust, whereas the 1 – 1 bed watch cover is a very  specialist role supplying officers trained in mental health  awareness, dementia awareness with a special emphasis on  conflict resolution and physical intervention in a healthcare  environment. The contract can fluctuate between 168 and  4500 hours per week depending on the needs of the Trust


We act as both a Security Consultancy and as a critical friend to the Trust being their Security sector expert, on for example legislation, Security risk planning, Conflict Management and Physical Intervention training and policy writing all based around the safety and security of Patients, Staff and Visitors and asset protection.


Blackpool teaching hospitals NHS foundation Trust after many months of planning and working in partnership with SGC Security Services have a road map that will allow a safer environment for Patients Visitors and Staff.  This partnership has meant that the Trust have a robust Security Offer to its stakeholders and clients that is more than just fit for purpose.

This collaboration between the Trust and SGC Security Services can be and has been mirrored now at many other Trusts across the UK and is a shining example of best practice that can be adopted in any Healthcare environment anywhere in the world.

Keeping Patients, Visitors and Staff safe and secure whilst providing value for money to stakeholders is what the team at SGC Security deliver and we always deliver “Excellence as Standard”