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Security Guarding

Deploying Licensed, Vetted, Professional Security Guards across the UK

Specialist security guarding

At SGC Security Services, we’ve spent years providing a bespoke service while working collaboratively with our clients to deliver unique and tailored security solutions in true partnership. With every client, we bring a personalised security guarding approach that best suits your needs at every step of the way.

When it comes to security guarding, SGC Security Services are a market leader and have held the SIA ACS Accreditation since 2006. With over 15 years of experience, we know precisely how to give you the protection you require. We consistently provide comprehensive, reliable, bespoke, and hybrid solutions.

We have plenty of experienced guards who know how to handle any situation and bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business. They will raise any security concerns straight to you and implement solutions based on that in record time. You can’t go wrong hiring one of our manned guards to help you and your business strive.


SGC Security Services provide security guarding solutions all over the UK with a Northern and Southern office both ready to handle your requests. We are able to send out security guards to any location within the UK, as long as we fully agree on the conditions of the protection you require.

We have been in the business for quite a long time which has shown us exactly what common security problems occur over and over and how to solve them. However it’s not only that, due to over 15 years of experience we have in bringing security solutions, we have seen so many security concerns that have never been taken care of. We then came in with recommendations and left the business better every time.

We have worked tirelessly from 2006 onwards to build up a reputation within the security industry which has allowed us to work with a wide range of clients. We are respected both internationally and all over the UK with clients who constantly return to our services; our security guarding solutions are simply unmatched.

Providing Security Guarding all over the UK

Throughout the year, we provide security solutions in almost every central town and city in the UK. If you are looking to place security guards in a specific town in the UK, you can check out the associated pages. Click on any of the following to be led to the city you are looking for: Essex, Kent, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Reading, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham.

SGC Security Services is accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to deliver security guarding services as part of its Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) and are in the top 10% of all ACS Companies. This kite mark ensures that we have been rigorously audited by the SIA and are fit for purposes to deliver security guarding services.

Manned Guards for any Market

As a business, SGC Security Services has over 20 years of experience in many vertical markets of Manned Guarding and have extensive experience in the following markets:

  • Construction – Signing  for deliveries, Visitor Induction 
  • Retail – Loss Prevention, Audits, Penetration testing, Purchase testing
  • Commercial – Concierge Services, Visitor Induction. Emergency Evacuation
  • Industrial – Gate Duties, Visitor Induction, 
  • Logistics – Gate Duties, Vehicle stock checks, Visitor Induction
  • Manufacturing – Gate Duties, Vehicle stock checks, Visitor Induction, Bag Checks 
  • Public & Government – NHS, Local Government, Concierge
  • Student Accommodation – Emergency Evacuation, Student Safety, Parcel Signing
  • Private Estates Gate duties, Patrols, Parcel signing