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New sponsors of 'Kickback with Chris The Martial Arts Podcast'

Within the security industry there are various sports, such as martial arts, that are a great outlet for many individuals. For some, these activities are merely a form of exercise whilst others engage in these sports in order to train their minds as well as their bodies. Many positive links have been made throughout the years between the practice of martial arts and the improvement of mental health. From stress reduction to emotional wellness there are many benefits surrounding the study and practice of martial arts.

At SGC Security Services we believe that it is good to talk about these benefits which is why we are proud to announce that we are now sponsors of ‘Kickback with Chris The Martial Arts Podcast’!

This weekly podcast focuses on all aspects surrounding martial arts and, regardless of whether you are a master or beginner in the world of martial arts, it is worth a listen. The podcast is hosted by Chris Jones alongside co-hosts ‘Mittmaster’ Matt Chapman and former SG Action Stunt Team Founder, Martin Wan. You can find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. For updates regarding uploads you can also subscribe via their website or follow them on social media!

Insta: @kick_Back_Podcast
X: @kickbkpodcast