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In the early hours of Sunday morning our team of Healthcare Security Officers at Wrexham Maelor Hospital were asked by a patient’s family member to help with their dad who was in a car.


The two Officers went to see what the issue was, on arrival at the car the officers found an man who was struggling to breath and holding his chest, the officers took control with one officer going to the adjacent emergency department to get help whilst the other remained with the patient.

A Nurse and HCA arrived with the second SGC Officer and placed the man in a wheelchair, en-route to the ED the man went into cardiac arrest.

The SGC team raised a further alarm for help and the crash team arrived, the team remained with the clinical team ensuring a clear and safe passage was maintained to the resus area, on arrival in resus the clinical team managed to gain a pulse.


The intervention by the SGC Officers went some way to saving this mans life, confronted with a request for help led to having to deal with a life-threatening situation.

This is part of the reason why the team at Wrexham Maelor were runners up in the NAHS annual awards for security team of the year 2023

The security manager at the site had this to say this morning


I wanted to extend our gratitude to the on-shift guards for the exceptional dedication. Their commitment has significantly impacted patient care, saving crucial time and positively influencing the lives of those under our care. The Security Advisory Team deeply values their contributions and recognises their pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of both patients and staff.”


This is what our highly trained NHS Security teams deliver across the UK all day every day, well done.