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What does manned guarding actually mean?

At SGC Security Services, we’ve spent years providing adaptive, collaborative and highly-responsive manned security guarding services to our clients. We utilise the very best training and technology to deliver manned guarding that’s tailored to client’s needs, but it’s clear that many don’t fully understand this term that’s used frequently in the security industry.

So we wanted to break it down for you here . . .

Manned guarding security explained

Essentially the term manned guarding refers to the actual security guards that you’ll likely be familiar with. It refers to the physical presence of security personnel and is a licensed activity that is monitored by a Government department. They could be placed to physically guard properties, people, assets or more against the threat of entry, assault, theft or criminal damage.

A manned security guard will be put in place to protect various assets, which of course will depend on the needs and requirements of the client(s). Security guards will usually be uniformed and act to protect a designated property. They will act as a highly visible presence and deterrent, which will ensure any criminal or inappropriate activities are avoided and prevented.

How does manned guarding security work?

Manned guarding security is carried out through various methods, but most commonly it is utilised through the use of a static officer, regular patrols, alarm systems and security cameras. State-of-the-art security systems will allow security guards to operate to their highest possible level.

Having licensed manned guarding officers in place is one of the most highly-visible and effective measures to ensure the protection of both personnel, premises and assets. It’s now used in all industries throughout the world, with manned security officers being used in various situations – from guarding shopping centres and manufacturing sites, stadiums to government buildings, warehouses, void property and private property.

Of course manned security guards are not part of the police, but they act in the best interests of their clients, and will be able to alert the authorities should criminal activity occur. They will always protect the items/property that they have been instructed to do so.

Choose SGC for manned guarding security

We’re an SIA ACS approved company, which means we are audited by the government to deliver manned guarding and always provide a proactive & professional approach, ensuring that no matter the size of your organisation, our manned guarding services will guarantee to fulfil any security requirements you have.

Get the experienced and effective manned guarding service you need today by speaking to one of our security experts on 01279 428498 – or get a quick, no-obligation quote by completing our online form.