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Crowd Control Security is More Important Than Ever

When the first lockdown hit the UK, many businesses in the hospitality sector were forced to close their doors, with no real idea as to when they could open them back up again. While government support schemes have helped many within the industry pay their bills, this could only go so far.

With the furlough scheme set to end in March, it’s likely that a fair amount of businesses within the sector will be faced with having to cut jobs and even close their doors for the last time. However, the last few weeks have seen the beginnings of light at the end of the tunnel. As after the second lockdown passed, businesses in the hospitality industry are once again able to open their doors and welcome staff and customers.

Even though we are technically out of full lockdown though, and the rules have been somewhat relaxed in certain areas, it is not as simple as opening the doors and letting customers walk in. It’s still hugely important during this time to maintain strong crowd control security parameters.

Crowd control mustn’t be overlooked

Crowd control security has of course always been critical for any event that is expected to attract a crowd. Whether it’s a festival, conference or a sporting event etc, lots of people gathering in the same place means there’s more risk of negative consequences if things aren’t  controlled.

During these difficult times, crowd control security has become essential for many other circumstances, including shopping centres and even for just ensuring pandemic rules are being adhered to in public spaces.

Business owners must ensure they have crowd control measures in place in order to:

  • Help limit the number of customers within their premises at any one time.
  • Ensure any doors, entrances/exits and tight corners and spaces are kept clear.
  • Help to keep one-way systems clear for all customers and staff to enter and exit.
  • Gather contact details for ‘track & trace’.

Above all investing in crowd control security services will help you to ensure social distancing rules are always being followed, which of course remains a main priority during this time.

What’s involved in crowd safety management?

There are a number of key elements involved in implementing effective crowd safety security and management:


The planning side of crowd safety is crucial, and requires input from numerous people at an early stage, such as event contractors, local transport providers, emergency services and nearby businesses or residents. In order for any crowd safety measures to be effective as possible, whether it’s an event or a shopping centre, planning must always be a priority.

Risk assessment

This is especially important with an upcoming event, as nothing should go ahead without going through a thorough risk assessment first. Wherever the venue, whether it be a football stadium or high street shop, it should be assessed for things that may pose a hazard, from fire hazards to general safety issues. If hazards are noted and recorded, then of course appropriate measures should be taken before anything proceeds.

The crowd

You need to make sure you are fully aware of how many people you expect to arrive. For example, if an event is ticketed, it’s important that only the appropriate amount of tickets are sold.

You need to ensure there’s a plan in place to accommodate the number of people expected, in order to ensure the crowds don’t exceed capacity, or things don’t get out of control. It’s really important to consider during these times that there is enough space for people to social distance which means always limiting the number of people accordingly. Plus, it’s very important to make sure people can get out of the venue or building easily, should they need to. With well-lit and unobstructed entrances and exits.


When it comes to crowd security and management, good and clear communication between staff and between the staff and the guests/customers is essential. For communication between staff only, it’s important nay messages can be delivered quickly, this could be through walkie-talkies and earpieces, as they are one of the most reliable and effective ways of communicating.

Make sure that any staff or crowd control security you have are familiar with the terms and the language that is going to be used, either during the event, or during day-to-day activities as these days many businesses are in need of crowd management. This will help minimise misunderstandings and ensure things flow smoothly.

Crowd safety in the football industry

Speaking of crowd control, management and safety – in episode 3 of the #AskingTheExpert podcast, Paul Macarthur interviews Safety Officer Dave Parker about crowd security within football during these times.


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