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Delivery firms increasingly at risk of vehicle and assets theft

Owner of SGC Security Services, Paul Macarthur, posted on the topic of vehicle and assets theft. Highlighting a recent story on criminal gangs carrying out daredevil raids on lorries at high speeds.

It seems as though this time of year has seen an increasing amount for delivery firms targeted by thieves, who become more bold in their attempts to steal high value goods.

Distribution hubs must review security plans

The recent story shows gangs launching rollover raids on lorries, with criminals utilising  harnesses to climb on top of sunroofs, mount bonnets and force open rear doors. These raids have been carried out twenty seven times over the course of September alone, seeing high-value items like Iphones, TVs and PlayStations being stolen from lorries while they’re still on the move.

This time of year especially always has a surge in online shopping, and of course with the current pandemic, getting good delivered has become even more essential. Unfortunately, this has seen many delivery firms get increasingly targeted by criminals. Van drivers who often have minimal or no security training are also being hit.

In November, £5 million worth of Apple products were taken from a delivery lorry that was forced off the road. In October alone, over 200 televisions were stolen from the same distribution centre in a raid that saw the driver attacked. Despite this it’s clear that many distribution hubs are still not reviewing their security plans. If you have any requirements in terms of vehicle, stock tracking to a live control centre or overt and covert security escorting, it’s essential that you get the protection you need in place.

Asset protection and security escorting

SGC Security Services has completed many successful asset protection escorts, which can be provided at short notice, while still ensuring a secure and efficient service. The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service said there had been 3,055 cargo crimes in the first nine months of 2020, which ended up costing businesses around £66 million. This highlights how important it is that firms review their security and choose the right asset protection and security escorting services.

At SGC, we can provide overt or covert protection services for high-risk valuable goods, either at static locations or while they are being transported. We can offer security for both high or low profile requirements.

  • High-profile – These assignments are likely to come under the eye of the general public, and be very visible. SGC security has highly-trained personnel that have the experience and expertise to deal with any given circumstance that may occur.
  • Low-profile – These security assignments are very discreet with personnel blending into the surroundings, and the objective being not to draw any attention. Usually this kind of service is used to deliver confidential documents or discreet parcels without being visible to the public.

Our experts can assist in both high and low profile assignments, utilising a security escort or escort team, which will act as back-up and additional surveillance. Plus, we have the latest security equipment at our disposal to ensure any personnel and assets are completely secure.

With online shopping booming more than ever before and delivery drivers getting increasingly targeted, it’s now more important to have the right level of experienced security in place. Don’t underestimate the protection of your assets and personnel – contact us on 01279 428498 or get a quick, no-obligation quote by completing our online form.