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How Our RSI Camera System Can Protect Your Void Property

During these difficult times with the ongoing pandemic, vacant property security has become more critical than ever before. Thankfully, at SGC Security Services, our team has years of extensive experience providing cost-effective and reliable void property security solutions.

We pride ourselves on utilising the latest market-leading technology to proactively meet any security requirements, and when it comes to void properties, businesses are increasingly in need of new and innovative security software and technology.

Although CCTV systems and video verification technology can bring a wealth of security benefits to your business, our RSI wireless camera systems can be a highly-effective alternative solution.

What are RSI wireless camera systems?

As the name suggests, these camera systems are a completely wire free, battery-operated security solution, which utilise video verification to help detect potential threats and eliminate costly false alarms.

They work by connecting with mobile phone technology, meaning that where there’s a mobile phone signal, these cameras can effectively operate. RSI wireless cameras also have built-in night vision and infrared LED’s. Allowing them to produce a good quality image that can be easily verified by the Security Operations Centre.

How can they protect your void property?

A battery-operated, wireless camera can instantly detect and pick up an intruder in the premises. Once an intruder is picked up, the camera takes a 10-second video, which can be immediately sent to the SGC Security portal. Then our security control centre will be able to quickly verify whether there’s an intruder present or not. If necessary, security officers can be deployed straight away and the relevant authorities can be contacted.

If your property has no water or power, and has been drained down, this security solution can be the ideal choice to keep your void property secure. Whether your vacant property is industrial, commercial or a residential site, our experts can install up to 24 devices, which are all controlled by a central control panel.

This central control panel is where the sim cards are located. It receives all the camera information and controls them as well. The control panel is also wireless and battery-operated, with the batteries in the camera and control panel lasting for around 4 years.

Here Security Consultant at SGC, Steve McNulty, takes you through a demonstration of this highly-effective void property solution:

This technology can provide you with a cost effective security solution during these uncertain times. An RSI camera system can enable robust, reliable and flexible protection solutions, especially if your void property has no mains power available.

It can be used as a standalone system, or as an extremely effective additional measure to bolster any existing security.

Choose SGC for your void property security needs

If your business premises are currently vacant and you require extra security, we can provide the proactive and effective approach you need. We are a leading void property security company and have been for over a decade. Meaning you will receive industry-leading security for your vacant property.  Our experts can provide you with a FREE comprehensive site security audit and assess exactly what security services will be most effective for your business – simply contact us here today.