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The Finest Manned Guarding Service Provider in London

SGC Security Services provides a complete range of manned guarding services throughout London and the entire UK. Our fully licensed, SIA-accredited security team offers a physical and visual deterrent for opportunistic criminals. With over 400 fully qualified security operatives trained in all modern aspects of the industry, we guarantee to meet your requirements.

Manned Guarding all over London

As the UK’s largest city London experiences a lot of crime. For that reason, you may have taken out insurance on your business premises and assets, but how quickly could you recover if you became a victim of theft? Instead of risking downtime and the confidence of your workforce, you could trust our manned guarding expertise to keep your assets, property and staff safe for as long as the contract is active. We have also worked tirelessly with NHS hospitals, and practices in order to make sure that security in those places is top notch. Often the NHS requires manned guards in order to function properly and have everything and everyone on the property be fully taken care of and secure. If you would like to know more about this service you can look at our NHS case study above.

Why You Should consider Manned Guarding in London

You should trust our expertise as we have kept businesses and people safe for over 15 years, and all our employees undergo ongoing training to ensure they remain up to date with the latest industry and safety standards. Our number one priority is keeping everything of value to you safe, and we will do this without a second thought once we are hired. We take a personal-based approach and always fulfil the needs of our clients.

Let Our Manned Guards in London Secure Your Premises

If you want to run something successfully you need to know that the security standard is iron clad and all of your customers and staff will be glad to have done so. No one wants to conduct business in a place that is deemed unsafe and our goal is to bring that feeling of safety and security straight to your front doors. We are top of the line when it comes to deterring thieves and criminals from stepping on your property and are able to catch anyone trying to escape the premises with stolen assets. If you don’t believe us, our 15 years of experience should tell you exactly what to expect when you book our services, as we wouldn’t have been in the business that long if we were unable to keep things secure.

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You can contact us on either 01279 428 498 using option 6 and talk to Steve directly who will take care of your needs. Alternatively, you can send us an email with a summary of your requirements and we will reply and let you know the costs and more on We will also respond to any form inquiry found on this page by sending you an email or calling you back.