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Here at SGC Security Services, we have always been keen to support local teams and groups.

Brief information about The Martial Arts Centre


Build Confidence, Improve Fitness, Gain Self-Discipline, Increase Focus, Learn Self-Defence & Improve Concentration

At The Martial Arts Centre (TMAC), we practice Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga. We also have a top-class exercise Instructor. We believe that with hard work and dedication, improvements will be accomplished so when our members attend to train, they adopt this approach. The same rule applies to members with minor learning and physical disabilities.

The Chief Instructor of The Martial Arts Centre is Sensei David Wilson who was a Senior Member of the United Kingdom Tang Soo Do Association, Korean Karate and had a successful competition career culminating in a Silver Medal at the World Tang Soo Do Championships in 1991. He then joined Sensei Simon Kidd and his Chief Instructor, Ticky Donavan (O.B.E.) of the Ishinryu Karate Association in 1998.

Sensei Wilson was also an inaugural Director of the English Karate Federation when this body was set up to Govern Karate in England.

Sensei Wilson opened The Martial Arts Centre in 2009 and since then he has independently built The Martial Arts Centre into a successful full-time Dojo.

At The Martial Arts Centre, we practise Traditional Karate (light contact, points, and full contact), Competition Karate with squad sessions, Kickboxing (light contact, points, and full contact), and Krav Maga and Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. We hold self-defence-specific sessions throughout the year.

Dear Paul,

Re:  Sponsorship of The Martial Arts Centre

I would like to firstly thank you for your support, and also bring you up to date with our squad training and achievements.

Our squad is now back training regularly following the lifting of Covid restrictions. We have invited some of our junior members to the competition-specific sessions.

They are progressing well, and we will be entering them into small local events to gain experience just as we did with our senior members. This will be a long-term project but one that we believe will produce some good athletes. Our competition squad is expected to get even bigger as it is a plan to have a Kickboxing section to run alongside our Karate section. The success of our squad assists our other members as our senior squad athletes train alongside them and give them pointers on how to improve their training.

We have been fortunate to have had 3 of our members selected for the forthcoming W.U.K.F. World Karate Championships in Ft. Lauderdale Florida that takes place in July this year. Evie Higgon, Isla Scott, and Abbie Sutton, already Internationals at the cadet level have carried their progress forward to the next level.

I have been appointed Kata Director by my fellow board members at Karate England and will be part of the coaching team in Florida.

The money you have provided to the squad is used exclusively for the benefit of the athletes. Your funding has helped the 3 young ladies so that we have been able to cover their airfares, hotel, competition Gi’s (training suits) and World Championships entry fees at no cost to them.

We will be emailing you some photographs of the athlete’s recent achievements, medals at the Karate England Championships and the biggest Karate event in the North of England held at Ponds Forge International Venue in Sheffield.

Thank you again for your support. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms for progress updates.


David Wilson

Chief Instructor