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SGC Security Services pass NCP119 Audit for a second time

Last week SGC Security Services successfully completed its second NCP119 Audit, further demonstrating its commitment to quality in the provision of delivering Security and crowd management services.

So, what is NCP119?

NCP119 is a code of practice developed and introduced by National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and independently audited by British Assessment Bureau, SGC security Services as always are a leader in the industry and were one of the first organisation’s to adopt and pass an audit on this code.

Commercial providers of guarding staff routinely scale up resources, when required, for a variety of duties involving the protection and safety of public events. This operational procurement of additional, sub-contracted labour can pose a variety of risks compromising the safety and security of the public, offering unwelcome scope for worker exploitation, and bringing the industry into disrepute if inadequately managed, prejudicing the integrity of the supply chain,

Such risks posed by guarding services organisation’s utilising agency labour were sufficient to warrant NSI developing this ground breaking Code with the objective of helping mitigate these risks for the benefit of buyers of security services.

NCP 119 will provide buyers with an important assurance that their security guarding providers are of a suitable standard, operate as responsible employers and so minimise the security risk associated with labour provision.

The scope of NCP 119 covers all labour provision to companies operating in the regulated security and events sector. By definition, the term “labour provision” used in the NSI Code of Practice applies to activities which are described as bought-in-labour, licensed or unlicensed, as well as labour employed and/or supplied by a third party to temporarily supplement the contracting company’s own workforce.

NCP 119’s requirements include measures related to best practice in terms of Organisational structure, finances, payroll, insurance and premises. They also include personnel, sale of services, operations and documentation and record-keeping.  The personnel requirements cover recruitment, training, employee terms and conditions, and uniforms.


A huge well done the team for passing the audit for this code for a second year running ……