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UKCMA Board Restructure

Back in March, the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association made an exciting announcement! They announced that their current Chair, Eric Stuart, would be retiring and would be succeeded on the 2nd April by Anne Marie Chebib. As well as this change, the UKCMA board would be undergoing a slight restructure.

These changes came into effect on the 2nd April and were promoted on the UKCMA’s own LinkedIn profile. One of the newest additions to the board is our very own CEO, Paul Macarthur! We are certain that his years of experience in the industry will help take the board to new heights!

As part of his new role Paul will be a new member representative however, he has also been tasked under the UKCMA as a new vice chair of the following working group – Local Authority and Regulators Events Expert Panel (LAREEP). We are sure that he will have a positive impact, and we look forward to the initiatives that Paul will help to produce!