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Why Security For Student Accommodation is so Critical

The student lifestyle is in full swing, with September behind us and universities remaining open throughout the second national lockdown. However, unfortunately there’s another side to student life that isn’t so great, and this is because many students are prime targets when it comes to crime. With statistics showing that nearly a third of all students in the UK fall victim to crime while they’re at university.

Making sure students are protected and safe comes down to more than just ensuring their smart phones and laptops don’t get stolen. It’s about providing a stronger sense of security and support to students for things like stress. Experienced security guards who are trained to protect students and provide student accommodation security, can be critical in helping students to receive the care they need to fulfil their potential.

Campus accommodation & private halls security

When it comes to inner city universities, students will have access to all the activities, events and culture of city life, alongside the campus and it’s facilities. Of course on the other hand, universities that are outside of cities can provide students with a completely integrated experience where they can be entirely immersed in their studies.

Universities within cities will have their own halls of residence near campus, but they’ll also rely on privately run student accommodation, where students will be sharing with others from different universities. Private halls won’t be directly run by the university, and so the university won’t be able to provide direct care and monitoring to those living and studying there. However, it’s vital that universities build and maintain strong links with private halls. This will help to ensure students are still getting the best level of care at all times.

A strong level of security is required at both private halls and on-campus accommodation, as this will help to provide students with the assistance and appropriate care they need. Plus, if students feel safe, secure, and supported, they’ll be far happier living in any campus or private halls.

There is of course a broad range of quality when it comes to private student accommodation. Many do provide high standards for security and take their security responsibilities towards the students seriously. However, others, unfortunately, tend to cut corners for profit, especially in regards to having proper security for student accommodation in place. At SGC, we believe one of the quickest ways to identify high-quality student accommodation, is to check for the presence of qualified security guards and the role that they provide.

Students should always feel safe

Things like anti-social behaviour, particularly overnight, can often threaten many students. This is why having SIA Licensed security officers patrolling buildings and the areas around them, can work wonders for helping to prevent anti-social behaviour and improve this problem for students and residents alike.

Even just having the clear presence of security can help to prevent such behaviour from happening in the first place, as security officers will be clearly uniformed and visible.

“The security in my student halls was always extremely helpful and reassuring. After losing my key on a night out, they quickly helped me get back into my flat. They also helped to call a locksmith at 3am, when my flatmate’s key broke in the lock the night before his exam. Even on a few occasions where I suspected I was being followed coming home late at night, I was able to wait with the security team at their desk. Looking back, they were honestly life savers!”

Isabelle, Manchester Metropolitan University 

The testimonial above is a prime example of the often vital role security guards play in ensuring life for students is safer and more secure, and that they feel properly supported when it matters most. Having student accommodation in place at night can act as an effective deterrent to unwelcome guests trying to gain entry or follow other students to the accommodation for reasons of crime or to participate in anti-social behaviour.

Student accommodation security provides peace of mind

At SGC, we’ve spent almost two decades providing security for student accommodation, and we have the experience to know how the right security can give students and those that run their accommodation complete peace of mind, for so many reasons.

If incidents do occur, trained security officers will be able to better interact with and advise students about any mistakes they’re making around their personal safety and that of their belongings. Trained officers will have a keen eye for threats and their experience will make them the ideal calming presence in any situation. Student accommodation security can also act as professional and trustworthy witnesses to have at the scene, as they will carry no bias and can gather evidence of any such anti-social behaviour to present to the university, authorities, or accommodation management.

It stands to reason why many students and parents alike consider security one of the most important factors in choosing student accommodation. Not just for when students are there but also for when they return to the accommodation after being at lectures or a night out and find a reassuring presence at the desk, 24 hours a day, keeping them safe.

Seeing that friendly face will provide an invaluable feeling of safety, and students will know they’re not being followed, thanks to the trained officer keeping an eye on things for them.

Choose SGC for student accommodation security

We fully understand, through experience, the unique difficulties that providing security to student accommodation brings, and we’ve developed a strategy that works for both property owners and students.

For clients that are wanting to bring in a bespoke service regarding their student accommodation security, but are unsure as to which service they would be best suited to. We are happy to give you a comprehensive free site security audit.